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10kW Solar Panel In Brisbane: Price, Output and ROI

Being a centre of technological advancements and eco-friendly drives, Brisbane has emerged as an influential solar hub. Consequently, Brisbane has access to the best solar equipment and you can choose from amongst numerous solar installers and retailers. Prior to hiring a solar installer, you need to determine your usage and then go for the most feasible solar panel option. The most common residential solar system options in Brisbane are 5kW solar panel, 6.6kW solar panel, 10kW solar panel. Let’s discuss a 10kW solar panel for your home in Brisbane… A 10KW solar panel is excellent for large residential areas and big families or even for a small business. If you have a large house or you run a small business then a 10kW solar panel will prove to be the best for your needs. It offers great value for money along with great energy yield that will be more than enough for your usage. Here are some details on a 10kW solar system in Brisbane…

Why Should You Install 10kW Solar Panels At Your House In Brisbane?

A 10kW solar panel is powerful enough to suffice the needs of a large residence or a small business. With great power output and best-in-class 10kW inverter, it proves to be an ideal residential solar solution in Brisbane. Moreover, Tier-I monocrystalline solar panels offer 330w power which makes the whole power output 13.2kW. This much power gives you great value for money and also fulfils all your power requirements with ease.

Space Requirements of a 10kW Solar System In Your House In Brisbane

To ensure uninterrupted power output for a longer duration, we configure and fix the 10kW solar system on your roof with maximum efficiency. Since Brisbane naturally has abundant sunshine, the solar system works perfectly well for a long time. 40 panels of 330watts take up an approximate roof space of 67 metres squared. However, taking into consideration the roof space and type along with the panels’ capacity, a roof space of 80 metres squared is perfect to house a complete 10kW solar system in Brisbane.

The Power Output Of a 10kW Solar System In Brisbane

A lot of factors playa a role in determining a solar system’s power output. These include placement of the panels, the weather conditions, the climate, buildings and trees in the surrounding of the solar panels, and wear and tear. However, on average, a 10kW Solar System in Brisbane should give you an approximate of 40kW-44kW per day considering 4-5 hours of sunshine daily.

The Cost of 10kW Solar Panel in Brisbane

Brisbane has all the necessary weather conditions for successful operation and usage of solar systems for the most part of the year. As Brisbane is also a major technological hub, there are a lot of solar system providers and installers to select from. If you still don’t have a solar system at your home in Brisbane, then needless to say, now is just the right time to do so. Why wait for a technology that has so much to offer you, that too in a very less time? When it comes to pricing of a 10kW solar panel in Brisbane, a lot of factors determine the cost. A typical single storey house with the tin roof will cost around $7000 – $9000. When the number of storeys is more than one and the roof type is different, then the cost will vary accordingly. Likewise, the price of a 10kW solar panel in Brisbane also depends on the inverter and the brand the panels belong to. However, since a 10kW solar panel usually offers you with great energy yield and high ROI, pricing shouldn’t be that big a concern.

The Savings Associated With A 10kW Solar System in Brisbane

Due to abundant sunshine and desirable weather conditions for the most part of the year, Brisbane is regarded as one of the best cities to install a solar panel. Taking into consideration a daily average of 4-5 hours of sunshine, a 10kW solar panel should generate 40kW to 44kW every day. Thus, if you are paying 25c tariff for your electricity, then you would save around $10 every day provided you use all the generated power of the solar panel. Due to a number of reasons, most people don’t consume the entire generated power by the solar system. In such a situation, the power gets sent back to the grid. For this, you get the feed tariff benefit of 10c. In this case, it would be as if you didn’t consume the power and the electricity is transferred back to the grid. In any case, you will save considerably in a year by using solar power.

The ROI Of A 10kW Solar Panel in Brisbane

Brisbane has successfully emerged as one of the capital cities to have harnessed the solar energy for good. So much so, that over 30% of houses in Brisbane have benefitted from solar energy systems. This number is only predicted to increase and is currently the highest among other Australian state capitals. Ample sunshine for the most part of the year coupled with hefty electricity bills and attractive solar rebates by the federal government have paved the way for increasing consumption of solar energy. Thus, it has become quite a profitable option for most households in Brisbane. A 10kW solar energy system in Brisbane offer payback in around 3 to 5 years on average. As with any other technology, certain factors play a role in determining the period of payback of a 10 kW solar panel in Brisbane. These include number and kind of electrical appliances in the house, average daily sunshine, the number of people living in the house, etc. However, in order to reduce the payback period, you should consume less power from the electricity grid and more power generated by the solar system. The fact that the average life of a solar energy system is around 12 – 15 years makes it all the more profitable and proves to be a lucrative option in the long run. When you naturally have ample amount of sunshine and you can not just save ut also earn ROI within a few years, then why not go for a power source that is more eco-friendly? If you are still thinking about whether or not to install a solar energy system at your house in Brisbane then contact us to know more about the benefits of a 10kW solar system in Brisbane. You can also call A2Z Solar at 0488 881 048 to clear your doubts regarding a solar energy system in Brisbane. Our experts will guide you to procure the best solar energy system in Brisbane for your needs.